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More than a window

A total of 32 visitors from eight countries made the journey to MA Lighting’s office at Ubi Techpark to obtain a detailed insight into programming the grandMA. The network training session explained how to set up a full tracking back-up system with a PC and the grandMA onPC software, while there was also an introduction into the grandMA video media server. Attendees also had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the whole MA Lighting console range and gain confidence in the operation of the desk in a busy show environment.

“With all the hotels and resorts coming, the demand for trained people, and therefore for training, is picking up,” Jens Poehlker, sales director of MA Lighting Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd, told II. “With our workshops, we try to respond to the market as well as to give people an opportunity to network and share ideas/give feedback. We have been overwhelmed by the number of registrations and we even see walk-in guests who have heard about the workshops by word-of-mouth. The feedback we receive is very good and we are now in preparation for our next workshop early [this year]. Dates are not confirmed yet, due to the tradeshows coming up, but we invite people to register their interest any time at [email protected].”