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Mitsubishi’s PlayOut Composer brings it all together

Visitors to the Mitsubishi Electric stand at ISE 2013 will be greeted by a stunning nine-projector, edge-blended display that forms the centrepiece of the company’s presence at the show. But striking though this demonstration is, the really exciting aspect of the display lies not with the projectors themselves but with the equipment behind the scenes.

Driving the display is an innocuous-looking box named PlayOut Composer. With very little on the outside to give a clue to its capabilities, the casual observer might be mistaken in thinking it was a simple edge-blending processor. However this would not even begin to describe the processing power lurking behind its anonymous front panel.

Edge-blending is just one of the capabilities of PlayOut Composer; capabilities that extend much further than managing a few projectors. The system is actually an extremely versatile media processor, capable of manipulating and managing virtually any media source within a single workspace, in real-time. Its list of capabilities is in stark contrast to its plain exterior: It can accept video up to 7680 x 1080p, still images, web pages and IP streams, placing them all on a single desktop where they can be resized aligned or overlaid as desired.

PlayOut Composer offers an unlimited number of graphic outputs, allowing it to be used with a single display or any combination of displays. It can schedule effects and transitions; input sources can be placed and re-sized by drag and drop, and can be combined using techniques such as chromakey. It can handle multi-touch events, and these can also be added to the scheduling timeline. There are also extremely powerful geometry tools built-in, which allow projection onto curved or uneven surfaces.

The applications of PlayOut Composer are as boundless as its capabilities. In corporate settings, it can provide an exceptionally easy way to combine data sources and video in boardrooms and meeting rooms. PlayOut Composer can be programmed using AMX, enabling one-touch, effortless presentations no matter what the input source. For larger venues – presentation theatres and auditoria – Composer is the perfect educational platform, allowing any combination of video, IP streams and data to share the same space. At live events, Composer’s versatility and real-time manipulation capability allows for stunning visuals and rock-solid reliability.

As well as being a standalone platform, PlayOut Composer is also part of Mitsubishi Electric’s PlayOut Digital Signage suite. Mitsubishi is one of the few companies able to offer a full end-to-end digital signage solution that includes content generation and management as well as the display hardware. PlayOut Composer, along with the PlayOut Signage delivery platform, provides just such a solution; enabling scalable and flexible signage networks to be created very cost-effectively. A very strong feature of the Composer platform is that it allows the easy migration of creative content designed for tradition media into a digital environment. This means no steep learning curve and no need for radical changes to existing workflow.

Demonstrations of the PlayOut Composer system take place throughout the day on the Mitsubishi Electric stand at the entrance of Hall 2. Visitors are warmly invited to experience for themselves the power and versatility of PlayOut Composer.