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Mitsubishi Electric celebrates 10 years of success in Russia

Essentials and Intermediate levels are covered when it comes to residential and commercial product ranges, while a new two-day Crestron Foundation course has been developed to take dealers through aspects of production introductions, installation notes, tools of the trade and simple programming changes.

“We’re delighted to be launching the new Foundation course – a great introduction to all things Crestron,” Petra van Meeuwen, marketing manager of Crestron, told II. “The recent growth of our business across the AV integration and custom installation sectors has generated a real need for good, solid training courses that provide a comprehensive overview of the basics of control systems. With our expanded training capacity at our new Munro House headquarters (we have three dedicated training rooms) we can comfortably satisfy this need. And we’ve obviously touched a nerve because already bookings are flooding in.”

In addition, Intermediate and Advanced courses have been added to the company’s lighting training. Both take the form of one-day sessions intended to provide dealers with an insight into Crestron’s lighting control products and the knowledge required to design, program and install lighting projects efficiently and reliably.

Courses will be held on-site at the new corporate HQ in Cobham, and at Crestron offices in Doncaster, England, Livingston in Scotland, and Dublin, Ireland. Residential Product Training takes place in Cobham on 6 May, 1 July, 2 September and 4 November; in Doncaster on 21 May, 9 July, 6 August, 24 September, 22 October, 5 November and 17 December; and in Dublin on 23 April, 14 May, 4 June, 5 July, 20 August, 10 September, 5 October, 19 November and 10 December.

Commercial Product Training is scheduled to take place in Cobham on 1 April, 3 June, 5 August, 7 October and 2 December; in Doncaster on 20 May; 8 July, 5 August, 23 September, 21 October, 4 November and 16 December; and in Dublin on 22 April, 13 May, 3 June, 4 July, 19 August, 9 September, 4 October, 18 November and 9 December.

The Crestron Foundation Course is scheduled for Cobham only on 7-8 May, 4-5 June, 9-10 July, 13-14 August, 10-11 September, 8-9 October, 5-6 November and 4-5 December.

Essentials Training will take place in Cobham on 24-26 June, 5-7 August, 16-18 September, 28-30 October and 9-11 December; in Doncaster on 15-17 April, 13-15 May, 10-12 June, 15-17 July, 12-14 August, 9-11 September, 14-16 October, 11-13 November and 9-11 December; in Dublin on 20-22 May, 15-17 July, 16-18 September and 16-18 December; and in Livingston on 8-10 July.

The Intermediate, Simpl+ and System Builder training programmes are scheduled for Cobham. The Intermediate courses take place on 15-17 April, 10-12 June, 19-21 August and 11-13 November; Simpl+ Training is set for 27-29 May, 2-4 September and 25-27 November; and System Builder Training is scheduled for 13-14 May, 8-9 July, 12-13 August, 16-17 September, 7-8 October, 11-12 November and 16-17 December.

Finally, Lighting Controls Training will take place in Cobham on 22-23 April, 27-28 May, 24-25 June, 22-23 July, 26-27 August, 23-24 September, 28-29 October and 25-26 November; in Doncaster on 17-18 June, 19-20 August and 18-19 November; in Dublin on 15-16 April, 22-23 July and 14-15 October; and in Livingston on 12-13 February, 15-16 July, 16-17 September and 16-17 December.

Course places can be booked via the Crestron website (link below).