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Midwich achieves mounting exclusivity

Midwich has signed an agreement which will see it become the exclusive distributor of PMVmounts - formerly Mountech - mounting solutions in Europe.

UK distributor Midwich has announced an exclusive distribution deal with PMVmounts, who have also launched a brand new website. PMVmounts products were previously sold by Midwich under the Mountech brand but have been re-branded to give Midwich exclusivity. The website features the complete product catalogue, product updates, news, guarantees, and contacts and can accessed at .

“Midwich have been successfully distributing the Mountech product range for over five years,” said Kane Barker, product manager at Midwich (pictured). “However, the manufacturer recently took the decision to rebrand and launch a new website with the aim of increasing market share and brand awareness. Midwich have now been appointed as the exclusive distributor for the PMVmounts range in the UK and Europe which will continue to offer unique feature such as the ‘PMV Guarantee’ (previously known as G-FIT).”

“PMVmounts has been designed to grow our partnership with The Midwich Group,” said Daniel Horan, PMVmounts representative for Midwich, “building on the foundation laid by the Mountech brand but having the flexibility of being able to react to customer demands and utilise the skill of the Midwich team with our exclusive distribution deal.”

“We will also continue to offer the ‘Fit Guarantee’,” he added, “which provides a manufacturer-based helpline and 24-hour turnaround for fitting or installation issues. Our guarantee is ‘If it doesn’t fit, we’ll make it fit – free of charge’. This can be achieved because we design, develop and manufacture all our products ourselves in the UK.”