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MicroTiles light up trade show stand in Russia

Advances in display and projection technology mean that images no longer need to be flat and rectangular - their size, shape and orientation are limited only by the imagination. Christiie's MicroTiles have been put to imaginative use in Russia.

During the VIII Krasnoyarsk Economy Forum, Christie MicroTiles were used to enhance the stand of Rosneft, the largest oil and gas company in Russia. Design of the stand was by Global Events Production Company, and content for the MicroTiles was developed by ETC Russia, part of the Global Events Group. Viatek, a certified Christie service provider, supplied the MicroTiles.

The audiovisual system of Rosneft’s stand had 51 MicroTiles units, configured in an unusual C-shape. A single external MicroTiles ECU control unit was used for the multi-window image output.

“Christie MicroTiles display units are suitable for building video walls of unconventional shape, and when tiled tightly they provide almost contiguous picture,” said Tatiana Churkina, head of Viatek’s lease department. “The unique combination of DLP and LED technologies gives a clear and bright image, visible from any distance and at any angle.”

“The C- shaped display consisted of thirteen units across and seven vertically,” said Andrey Efarov, technical director of ETC Russia. “Only one ECU control unit was used, therefore the maximum MicroTiles screen image resolution was 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. To avoid the effects of image pixelisation (when applied to 13 modules with a true resolution of 9,360 pixels), we reduced the number of modules upon which the prepared Full HD file was then superimposed. Therefore, we had a 9 x 7 unit display, fitting Full HD file proportions.”

“MicroTiles video display systems have plenty of usage options – from videowalls in event centres to the creation of exclusive promotional and exhibition stands,” concluded Churkina, “and we are proud that we have been able to demonstrate this at such an important event.”