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Merck installs first Mitsubishi OLED screen

The Mitsubishi Diamond Vision OLED screen that was first seen in Europe at ISE this year has now been installed by Merck.

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the first installation in Europe of its Diamond Vision OLED screen which went on general sale last month and which was previewed at ISE 2010. The customer is Merck KGaA, and the installation is in the lobby of Merck’s new Material Research Centre in Darmstadt, Germany (pictured). Merck KGaA is one of the leading producers of organic base materials for innovative OLED technology and will use the screen as an information system for presentations and events.

The Diamond Vision OLED measures 8.8sqm (3.84m x 2.3m) and has a depth of just 9.9cm. According to Mitsubishi, the new technology is a pioneering step forward, using organic light emitting diodes (OLED) as a light source which, due to its structure and composition, is fully scalable and can be arranged into flexible forms and shapes.

Diamond Vision OLED is designed for indoor use and with its newly developed picture management technology, says the company, delivers seamless and vivid images. The screens deliver a wide viewing angle of approximately ±80 degrees vertically and horizontally, while generating a maximum brightness of 1.200 cd/m2. Achieving double the contrast of comparable LED products, Mitsubishi says that Diamond Vision OLED screens are particularly well suited for use in bright environments such as shopping malls, stations or airports.

The new screen image is composed of square modules with a standard size of 38.4 cm (128 x 128 pixel by module). Due to the modular nature of the product there are virtually no limits in terms of size, scalability, form or design. As a result, displays no longer have to be flat, but can now cover uneven or curved/convex surfaces. Each module weighs only 8 kilograms and the minimum viewing distance could be reduced to 2meters. With a depth of only 9.9cm the OLED displays are particularly well suited for the installation in halls or waiting areas.