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Martin signs with DELTACAST for video cards

Martin Professional has reached an agreement with Belgian company DELTACAST to feature the DELTA-hd and DELTA-dvi video capture cards.

Under a new agreement signed with Belgian OEM video I/O card supplier DELTACAST, Martin Professional will be using the DELTA-hd and DELTA-dvi video capture cards in its Maxedia PRO and Maxedia Broadcast media servers. 

 “The DELTACAST capture cards give us the opportunity to offer the fastest and highest quality video capture to our customers,” said Paul Pelletier, commercial product manager – controllers for Martin Professional. “Implementation of the DELTACAST cards was quite easy and fit perfectly with our highly efficient Maxedia video engine. We couldn’t ask for a better fit.”

Under the Martin brand, the DELTACAST capture cards are called the MCC HD-SDI (DELTA-hd) and the MCC DVI (DELTA-dvi).

“By implementing this DELTACAST technology, we are able to get very low latency,” Pelletier continued. “It also allowed us to upgrade the Maxedia software engine from 2 inputs to 8 inputs and, depending on the hardware revision, customers can add multiple DELTACAST cards to meet their individual needs.”

Both the DELTA-hd and DELTA-dvi capture cards are used for video input in the Maxedia products. The Maxedia Broadcast makes use of the DELTA-hd’s 8-bit HD SDI digital video to PCI Express PC gateways while Maxedia PRO uses the DELTA-dvi for DVI-D or DVI-A to PCI Express PC gateways.

“Thanks to our unified VideoMasterHD SDK, Martin Professional can propose both Dual Link DVI and HD-SD SDI inputs to their end customers without having to develop two different applications to manage each video standard,” said Steven Deschuyteneer, DELTACAST’s director of worldwide sales & marketing. “It is really a perfect and characteristic application for our OEM products and encourages us to continue proposing a variety of digital video standards through our unified VideoMasterHD OEM SDK.”