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Martin Professional acquires hardware and software partner

The hologram (pictured) was moulded into the first products earlier this year when it was added to the XLR range. It is also being rolled out on the company’s SpeakOn products.

“The hologram will highlight to end users that it is a genuine product as, at this time, no one else can mould it. One look at the product identifies it as a Neutrik original,” Chris Arnold, operations director at Neutrik UK, told II.

In addition to the hologram on its products, Neutrik also includes an authenticity seal on its individual and carton packaging. The aim is to prevent counterfeit products, which can be damaging to a company’s reputation when what is thought to be a premium product delivers inferior performance. Because fake components are made of lower grade materials, connections may not be secure, and can lead to a loss in audio quality, says the company.

Neutrik continues to protect its intellectual properties across the globe. To avoid unauthorised traffic of Neutrik products between Europe and the US, all shipments are marked, on both the individual packing and the carton packages, ‘designed and manufactured in Europe’ or ‘designed and manufactured for the US market’. If these products appear outside their intended territory, Neutrik would like to be alerted by its customers, so the company can take appropriate actions.

“Neutrik is committed to protecting its brand and reputation,” said Jim Cowan, president of Neutrik USA.

Neutrik will be showcasing its full-line of connectivity products, including samples of its new branded hologram, at this year’s InfoComm show.