Martin lighting controllers get upgrades, new features

Martin M-Series lighting controllers - the M1, M2GO, M-PC and Maxxyz consoles - are to benefit from a new software release that includes over 70 new features and upgrades.
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Martin Professional has announced the release of a new operating system for its M-Series lighting controllers, which encompass the M1, M2GO, M-PC and Maxxyz consoles. The new software, version 2.90.400, includes over 70 new features and upgrades.

Highlights of the software upgrade include:

New operating system for Martin M1 and M2GO (Windows 7 Embedded):
- Optimised for SSD drives
- New touch-friendly menu system
- Added support for Matrox Dual and Triple Head for M1
- Supports generic Windows 7 touchscreen devices
- New ELO touchscreen driver

New "plug and play" MaxNet System:
- Zero Configuration Device Discovery
- Network Interface Connection management with Auto, Static, EtherDMX shortcuts
- Show can be joined or pushed to other devices
- All playback operation is synchronied
- All Cue and Preset data is synchronised
- MaxNet chat window
- Network show and device info screens
- Multiple consoles can be used in parallel for show playback

Martin also announced that its M1 lighting controller now ships with an SSD drive, as well as a new LCD screen with LED backlight at no extra cost. With the SSD drive, console speed and reaction time is said to be greatly improved, boot-up time is reduced, and the console is more stable in high vibration environments.