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Martin Audio demonstrates MLAs

Martin Audio invited well over 100 sound engineers and sound companies from as far afield as Brazil to the two-day event.

London’s Wembley Arena filled with sound powered by Martin Audio’s MLAs (Multi-cellular loudspeaker array) in two-day demonstration last week.

Visitors with an international background sampled the capabilities of the company’s loudspeakers and its new Display 2.1 software in the 12,500 capacity venue in four seperate sessions.

Jason Baird, R&D director from Martin Audio created different optimisation plots in each of the sessions, which enabled an experience of sound coverage from a number of points, including the floor behind the PA, at the bleachers and at the top of the raked seating.

Baird also demonstrated the close controllability by plotting the sound so it appeared quieter at the hangs, which increased intensity as it travelled further from the source.

Simon Bull, Martin Audio’s director of sales said: “This exercise proved to be extremely worthwhile, with both existing and prospective users attending with their own potential clients, and others simply to learn about our Multi-cellular technology and find out what has created such a buzz in the market place.”