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Major security breach for TRENDnet

A security flaw has led to normally secure content on hundreds of TRENDnet's SecurView cameras being streamed globally by internet users

TRENDnet, a leading provider of networking solutions based in Torrance, California, has suffered a major breach of security involving hundreds of its IP cameras installed in homes and businesses globally. Live streaming of content from TRENDnet’s SecurView cameras has been accessed online, allowing footage from sensitive areas such as children’s bedrooms, bathrooms and other living spaces to be viewed over the internet by anyone, without a password. Some internet address links were even found on numerous messageboard sites, further exposing normally private areas of people’s homes. It is believed TRENDnet initially became aware of the problem on 12 January and identified 26 SecurView camera models that could be considered vulnerable. TRENDnet has since released a firmware update available on its website, which “resolves the vulnerability”.