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LOUD Technologies to restructure

It will provide local sales and support for PlayBox Technology clients, prospective clients, dealers and integrators.

The new office is headed by former Stellar-DBS and MicroniK multimedia employee Stefan Tapp (pictured) in the position of country manager. Tapp commented: “PlayBox is claiming technical leadership in the fields of automation, playout, CG and ingest solutions. [As a result] this is the right time to put a competent sales and technical team in place to attend PlayBox’s German customers and dealers. Starting with the initial design, through budgetary and technical assistance to complex system-integration tasks, PlayBox is positioned to provide the highest standards for the broadcast industry’s demands.”

Don Ash, director of sales for PlayBox Technology, told II: “In the market, our business is not about shifting boxes, but working with clients all the way from project concept to completion, and then afterwards with support that may see the channel numbers increase or the formats supported change during the products’ life.

“We see country offices as the most effective way forward for our clients’ to have the custom solution they want rather than just a part of it, with scalability to fit in with their future requirements. This can require very strong local resources, hence the reason for our international offices being established in our strongest markets, Germany being the latest. The numbers have grown significantly in the past couple of years as our broadcast automation and playout solutions business has rapidly expanded. We are now moving forward with digital signage solutions and know these too will benefit greatly from local office expertise and experience.”