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Lighthouse announces new CEME structure

“Today a company must be able to offer systems integration that truly reflects the increasingly complex nature of this rapidly expanding market,” said Phil Price, UK sales director at RCF (pictured).
The move follows a staffing increase in the project design studio at the company’s Reggio Emilia headquarters, which now includes professional acousticians, electronics system designers and professional engineers. “We will work in partnership with integrators, consultants or engineering companies from initial design through to final system commissioning,” he added.
Among the services offered at the system design stage are design assistance; compliance to technical specifications; drawing schematics; acoustic design modelling support; and product training. At installation stage, the company can provide pre-delivery product testing, complete rack assembly, installation guidance (project management support), documentation and on-site commissioning.
Price added that different elements of the RCF portfolio are better known in different territories: in the UK, the company is best known for its professional speakers; in Italy, for its commercial audio and voice alarm systems; and in the Middle East, it has had greatest success with congress audio. “There are few companies that can take both the professional and commercial sectors of the market and bring them together in a true installed solution,” he commented.
Asked by IE how he thought competitors would respond to this announcement, Price said that he felt some might be too financially constrained to introduce a similar offering. “We’re a publicly quoted company, but we don’t rely on bank support and we’re not cutting back on R&D,” he said. “While turnover is obviously important, we don’t have the pressure of achieving certain numbers each month. We can take a longer-term view – and that’s a key factor for me.”