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LD makes transition to Martin M1

Lighting director Alex Skowron has found that, despite the Martin M1's small size and portability which make it very convenient for touring, it lacks nothing in terms of functionality or performance.

American R&B artist R. Kelly recently wrapped up the European leg of his “Love Letter” world tour. Lighting director for the tour is Alex Skowron who programmed and operates the show on a Martin Professional M1 lighting console.

“I’ve been programming on a Maxxyz since 2006 and made the transition over to the M1 on this tour,” said Skowron. “The M1 is noticeably faster than its predecessor. “The bulk of my work is overseas so I’m constantly repatching and cloning shows to accommodate local gear, so for the console to execute these tasks in a timely fashion means hours saved reproducing the show.”

Combining the full power of a larger desk with the agility of a smaller one, Martin says that the M1’s easy-to-use concept and portable package has struck a chord with lighting programmers and designers across the globe.

“One of its greatest benefits is its size,” Skowron said. “To have all the capability of a full size console in such a small footprint, and to be able to check it as luggage and travel with it around the world is priceless. I actually now own a pair.”

R. Kelly played mid-sized venues in Europe beneath a lighting rig of MAC 301 Washes, MAC 2000 Profiles, Atomic 3000 strobes and other gear sourced locally.

Skowron values the benefits of working with a company with an international reach – especially on a tour that takes him across oceans – and is appreciative of the support he has received.

“One of the main reasons I stay with Martin is the customer support,” concluded Skowron. “It’s second to none. Jessica Allan, Brad Haynes, and Markus Klüsener were all invaluable in making sure I was comfortable with the transition from the Maxxyz and made sure I had no issues with the M1 down the road. Matthias Hinrichs and tech support have come to my aid all around the world and that’s something that’s truly appreciated.”