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WindowSight treats visitors to vibrant visual art

The installation enriches the walkway to Hall 8

A partnership between ISE and Catalan streaming start-up WindowSight has transformed the walkway to the Hall 8 Audio Demo Rooms into an impressive delay of visual art by 30 leading contemporary artists.

Iris Scott, Jordan J Lloyd and Babak Tafreshi are among the artists whose work is being related by 36 Samsung professional digital displays – 18 on each side of the walkway – with two exhibitions taking place simultaneously per hour. Every exhibition is to be presented twice during the show.

Pol Rosset, CEO and co-founder of WindowSight, explains that the starting point for the collaboration with ISE was “to enrich the experience of walking towards Hall 8, which they [are using] for the first time”.

A thread running through many of the exhibitions is the impact that people are having on wildlife and the environment. One of the featured artists, Steve Winter, is showcasing a work entitled The Tigers Next Door, which is said to have influenced President Joe Biden to sign the Big Cat Public Safety Act in December 2022.

A home theatre-style area adjacent to the walkways also showcases the way in which WindowSight can be deployed in residential and public spaces. For instance, said Rosset, “we see an application in hospitals, where it can be used in waiting areas to make the experience less stressful. And the artworks you choose don’t have to be there forever – you can keep changing them.”