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Taking a Front Row for easy assembly

No tools required: James Blumhardt with the thumbscrew that holds everything together

Manufacturer Ashton Bentley has introduced a new Teams Front Row room system, including a 21:9 105in 5K touch- or non-touch-screen display, a chassis mount that means no weight is carried by the wall, and an immersive table, with integrated AV technology.

“It is very easy to assemble, with no tools required. It just uses thumbscrews,” said James Blumhardt, VP international sales, Liberty, which is Ashton Bentley’s worldwide distributor. “A typical installation can require two to three hours.”

The system can come with multiple different screen sizes, but the Teams Front Row benefits from the new 105in ultra-wide screen, and the table can be configured for a wide range of seating layouts.

Stand number: 5F550