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Panoramic view for hybrid work

Hybrid working scenarios benefit from the NEC LED-FE009i2-104 Panoramic View

A Microsoft Teams Front Row solution with ultra-wide 104in dvLED setup for corporate meeting rooms is being demonstrated by Sharp/NEC. With its 21:9 screen format, the new NEC LED-FE009i2-104 is suited for corporate meeting applications, panoramic video conferencing layouts or multiple window usage. 

It can also be used with Microsoft Teams Rooms and the new Front Row layout, which makes it possible for everyone in a Teams Room – whether virtual or in-person – to see and react to chat comments during a meeting. Dynamic meeting views keep everyone connected to the content, and with each other. 

Where formal presentations are paired with collaborative chats, digital canvases unleash group creativity, and everyone can connect face-to-face wherever they are. The 0.95mm fine pixel pitch of the NEC LED-FE009i2-104 means those joining remotely appear in perfect clarity as users take advantage of the Front Row layout.

Nils Detje, product manager for dvLED Solutions at Sharp/NEC Display Solutions Europe, said: “As businesses seek ways to improve efficiency through skill and knowledge sharing, they need to make meeting interactions between virtual and in-the-room meeting participants more natural for their employees.

“Fine-pitch dvLED like the NEC LED-FE009i2-104 with its ultra-wide format provides more screen space over a stretched single canvas. Therefore, it is the ideal technology to create an immersive meeting room experience by offering larger, more flexible and brighter screen configurations.”

Stand number: Stand: 3E600