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Making mixers more immersive and efficient

Immerse yourself: Mixing it up with the latest Lawo Audio Production interface

Lawo’s latest 10.6 software release brings powerful features to its A__UHD Core and mc² mixing consoles. The expanded functionality comprises a range of advancements that allow operators to work even more effectively. 

The software equips A__UHD Core-based audio infrastructures with an extensive feature set for immersive mixing: supporting 5.1.4, 7.1.4, 9.1.6 and 4.0.4 formats; with multichannel peak metering and loudness metering; immersive monitoring; multichannel dynamics processing; and downmixing.

It includes Signal Ownership Groups, so that users can arbitrate resources shared on a network. Signals originating from a variety of devices or locations can be combined into logical groups. This helps to isolate control assignments to avoid accidental overrides by other networked consoles.

It also provides extended health monitoring features, displaying critical system errors, warnings and notifications, which are displayed in the Home and mc² user interfaces. 

Stand number: 5F500