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Jean-Michel Jarre invites the audience inside the music

Electronic music superstar Jean-Michel Jarre found Space at ISE with Coda Audio’s new concept in installation audio, presenting an immersive demo of his ground-breaking 3D audio composition Oxymore.

Space by Coda comprises 70mm-deep speaker units and acoustic panels which can be used to define any acoustic environment. The demo used 32 invisible immersive speakers and 101sqm of acoustical treatment, including 264 absorbers and 16 diffusers, covered in artworks by French abstract painter Eric Decasto.

Jarre (pictured at ISE 2023) said: “We have a two-dimensional relationship with recorded sound, but stereo doesn’t exist in nature. It is the environment which creates perspective, and technology now allows us to create music like we experience sound in our everyday life.

“This product enabled me to invite the audience inside the music. What we are doing today with Space by Coda is making the technique invisible and using the technology to improve the emotions I want to share. “Because the technology is invisible you forget you are inside the music; your ears are opening your eyes. This is what makes this product unique: you enter a room, and you don’t see any speakers; the experience has a magical and poetic aspect to it.

“Having spent decades with heavy PA systems which give the sense of power, we are changing our relationship with the environment. Less is more. This whole project is in phase with that future. “It’s not just a product, it’s much more than that.”