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How to “smartify” every home 

Jung Home utilises European 230V domestic power distribution and Bluetooth Mesh

Smart homes and smart buildings are important components for meeting the increased requirements for energy and resource efficiency, building operation and user comfort. According to Jung, its Home system could be the “missing link” between classic installations and smart home solutions. With it, Jung claims buildings can be “smartified” completely, in parts or step-by-step. 

The system is based on the conventional European 230V domestic installation. From the power socket with an energy measurement function to the room thermostat, all the components communicate wirelessly with each other via the secure, global Bluetooth Mesh radio standard. 

Jung says that smart technology for building control should be understood as part of the interior design, as the possibilities and the requirements are as diverse as the living situations and personal wishes of the users themselves.

The company already offers various solutions for equipping smart buildings, such as the LB-Management system. Users can choose different degrees of automation. Jung Home now complements such smart home equipment with a “simple and scalable version that can grow and be upgraded” according to needs. 

Part of the solution is the Jung Home Schuko socket which replaces conventional socket inserts and makes the power connection immediately switchable – via pushbuttons, the app, and at the socket itself. A multicoloured backlit operating key indicates the operating status. The socket measures power consumption for intelligent energy management, including automatic standby switch-off. Everything can be easily set via the Jung Home app.

Stand number: 2K125