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Delivering the smart hotel

Michelle Guss and Richard Sasson sharing the power of great user experiences

The underlying mission for AV creators and technicians involved in hospitality is for the user to have a great experience.

“We have a very powerful way we can impact that with advanced room technology in smart hotels,” explained Michelle Guss, VP hospitality, Crestron, in a deep dive into sector trends at CEDIA’s Smart Home Technology Conference.

The smart hotel, attendees learned, ranges from iPads in the room, to personalised heating and lighting systems, to the whole journey of the guest pre- and post stay.

“Automation is absolutely key and starts when a guest checks-in,” Guss said. 

The check-in should trigger the ‘welcome scene’ in the room. “The lights come on to the perfect level, the temperature can be set, audio can play. Presence detection and sensors can tell the hotel when the room is occupied. This means housekeeping know the best time to reset the room, and it saves on energy.”

Richard Sasson, pro community global director, Crestron, advised that technology integration should not be confined to the guest room but should feature throughout the hotel, including retail, conference and bar, even the parking lot.

“Integrated systems means having everything connected,” he said. “Only in that way will all devices work together intelligently in the property.”