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CEDIA: Regional pricing update

The CEDIA executive leadership team and board of directors have been jointly working on a new strategic plan that will prioritise global development and engagement in emerging markets. CEDIA is investing in key countries and regions with significant opportunities and supporting members within these local markets. 

The team behind this new approach have highlighted the nuances between Global Engagement and Global Development:  

  • Global Engagement refers to the interaction with new and existing members in various markets to raise our profile, encourage engagement with our programmes, and build membership. 
  • Global Development is the investment into countries where there is an opportunity for significant growth and to have a more established and consistent presence.

Ultimately, both are targeted to support professionalism in the market and allow for the industry to be positioned as a viable career pathway. 

A new global development programme is in motion to implement the following:

Regional Pricing (defined by World Bank) – from 1st January 2023, all countries recognised as an emerging market by the World Bank will have their company membership dues reduced to 50% of the published rate. CEDIA’s online education and resources will also reflect this discount. 

In addition, certification exams will now be offered at a lower cost. This is based on how a country is categorised by the World Bank and takes into consideration the GNI (gross national income) of a country. Integrators in more than 100 countries will pay a reduced amount for membership (apart from individual) and most products.

Some other key highlights include: 

  • Tiering System: A tiering system based on member numbers will be introduced to offer increased benefits and local customisation, with members working alongside CEDIA to grow the market regionally. 
  • Ambassador Programme: By working with trade suppliers and international sales representatives, CEDIA will use the Ambassador programme to open the lines of communication amongst the industry and build professionalism. 
  • Align with Trade Suppliers: This approach will see CEDIA invest in the markets that are important to our global manufacturers and allow us to support our trade suppliers with events they’re hosting within these countries or provide platforms for growth in markets where they don’t.   
  • License Agreements: By identifying partnership opportunities, we will be able to push our education programme out to a wider audience and raise CEDIA’s profile. 
  • Partnerships: For long-term development in a country, CEDIA will look for partners to support its three pillars: Advocacy, Connection, and Education. 

The reduced cost of membership, research, and certification aims to continue CEDIA’s global mission to connect, empower, and champion home technology professionals and businesses that enrich our lives.

To learn more about reduced costs and take advantage of the excellent member benefits, visit the CEDIA Booth (2H600) at ISE. CEDIA staff will be on hand with a friendly smile, excited to get to know you and your business.