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Arclite takes point for new audio arrivals 

Mogale: ‘With six new products at ISE we had to go big or go home’

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Void Acoustics is sounding out the market with a raft of new products and a demo space in Hall 8.

Rog Mogale, founder, Void Acoustics, said: “With six new products at ISE we had to do this right; go big or go home. The demo room gives us the opportunity to knock you against the wall, to wrap you in love. That’s why we do it!”

The new Arclite is a point source loudspeaker for the touring industry, while the installation market is the focus for the Air 15, an IP-rated 15in fibreglass subwoofer. Meanwhile Void has a trio of new products for commercial and high-end residential projects; a double 8in subwoofer in the Cyclone 208, the Venu 208i subwoofer and the Inca 500 standalone amplifier. 

Finally, the Bias Q1.5 expands Void Acoustics’ Bias Series with a four-channel amplifier and microprocessor-controlled power supply. 

Stand number: 7E300/Audio Demo Room 8B5