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ISE People: Marco Tempest, multi-award winning ‘Virtual Magician’

Marco Tempest is a globally renowned cyber-illusionist. His blend of technology and illusion creates the magic of tomorrow, today. His award-winning television series ‘The Virtual Magician’ is currently airing in over 48 countries and he has been recognised with a number of prestigious international awards. At ISE 2013, Marco will be presenting the Keynote Address at 18:00 on Monday 28 August – a must-attend event and completely free of charge to all ISE exhibitors and visitors.

Titled ‘Inventing the Impossible’, Marco’s presentation will address the use of illusion as a creative tool and how it can be used to bring seemingly impossible scenarios to life. Using examples of the magical illusion work Tempest has designed in collaboration with engineers, animators and programmers, the Keynote will focus on the envisaging of future technologies, the value of open-source projects and how illusion can provide an inviting gateway to social-media interactivity.

“My interest in computer-generated imagery is what led me to incorporate video and digital technology into my work as a magician, and develop a new form of contemporary illusion,” comments Marco. “The expansion of the internet and social media has provided more opportunities for digital illusions and interacting with audiences, and in Amsterdam I hope to show that using these influences in smart, creative and compelling ways can indeed allow us to ‘Invent The Impossible.’”

Marco, who is based in New York and has delivered presentations to a string of different corporate and institutional bodies including Google, the TED Conference and the Royal Society. He has been featured in his own theatrical shows and as part of numerous television specials, which have enjoyed well in excess of 500 million cumulative viewings across the world, and in 2009 won the 2009 World Magic Award for Best Contemporary Magic.
Marco’s Keynote Address will begin at 18:00 on Monday 28 January 2013, and will be located in the Forum of ISE’s Amsterdam RAI show venue. The Keynote will be followed at 19:00 by ISE’s 10th Birthday Party, which will be held in the nearby Auditorium Lounge.

Admission to both events is free of charge to all ISE attendees, but visitors are asked to register in advance for the Keynote.

Click here to RSVP for the Marco Tempest Keynote and ISE’s 10th Birthday Party!