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ISE People: Joost Brinkman, Senior Manager, Accenture

Joost Brinkman is one of the key speakers at ISE’s inaugural Smart Building Conference on Monday 28 January. His presentation, ‘Case Study: The Smart City Amsterdam Project’ will use ISE’s host city as an example for how the next generation of public-private-citizen partnership can assist the drive toward a low-carbon economy.

Based in the Netherlands, Joost is Senior Manager at the global consultancy firm Accenture. He was responsible for the Amsterdam Smart City program from 2009 to 2011, and played a part in the shaping of the project from an early stage. With 10 years’ experience in utilities as an engineer, consultant and project manager, Joost worked for the largest Dutch utility, Nuon, as an energy engineer focusing on the outsourcing of small-scale energy plants. As project manager, Joost has managed several complex projects for Eneco, Nuon and Liander. Since joining Accenture in 2009, Joost has been responsible for the Amsterdam Smart City programme, and supports the development of the Accenture Sustainability Services. Joost is a frequent expert speaker at Smart City conferences around the globe. For more details visit: