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ISE Daily Preview: accelerating the implementation of new AV systems

The DXF Drawing Library offers product line drawings (of the front and back panel) for use in rack elevation illustrations. It also offers CAD blocks for use in signal flow and wiring diagrams. Each drawing is provided in a standardised CAD format and depicts detailed product information including model number and description, indications of directional and bi-directional lines of communication, as well as input, output, and control connector types and wiring schemes.

Mike Roberts, technical manager for Kramer Electronics UK, comments: “Creating this exhaustive resource and making it widely available to our customers will both simplify and accelerate the design and implementation of new A/V systems. With access to the DFX drawing and block diagram images from our web site, our customers can download the appropriate detailed CAD drawing they require and drop it directly into their plans.”

In addition to facilitating the creation of CAD drawings, files in the DXF Drawing Library can be used to support sales and technical support professionals by providing a visual representation of a product such as the number and type of signal channels available and/or the necessary cabling requirements. This makes it very easy for users to incorporate Kramer and Sierra products into the systems they design and sell. Kramer is also making the DXF Drawing Library available to manufacturers of drawing programs for dealers and system integrators that might be using one of these off-the-shelf A/V CAD programs.

Kramer Electronics’ DXF Drawing Library can be found by using a drop down list on the main Downloads tab at and also on the individual Kramer product pages via the Downloads button. For Sierra products they can be found on the Sierra website at