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ISE Daily Highlight: FogScreen on the lookout for partners

A recent application for FogScreen has been on a promotional tour for the new Walt Disney film Enchanted (pictured), which is due to be released in November/December 2007. Thr tour has been travelling to the main European cities of London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels and Munich. One of the key features of the movie is an enchanted wishing well, the effects of which in the tour have been created by FogScreen walk-through screen.

“We chose FogScreen because of the unique qualities it has that bring the magical well to life,” explains Enchanted Experience Project Manager, Maria Walker. “Its real-life movement and fluidity capture a water effect like no other. Our concept required guests to walk through the well water effect without getting wet which FogScreen allows”, she continues.

“Disney_s Enchanted promo tour is presenting a creative way for using the FogScreen technology. Installation of the wishing well is a unique set-up with the built-in FogScreen effect. The set up has been made with FogScreen One screen and despite the one metre size, which is extremely convenient for a tour such as this, the installation is very impressive”, says Mika Koivula, CEO of FogScreen.