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ISE 2018 visitor numbers pass 80,000

Speaking to AV Technology Europe on the final day of ISE 2018, managing director Mike Blackman revealed attendee and visitor numbers have smashed all previous records.

Blackman stated that attendance numbers have now surpassed 80,000 for the first time, up from last year’s then record breaking 73,000. Most observers expected an increase on the 2017 total, however the jump to over 80,000 has surprised many.

Exhibitor numbers also topped 1,200, of which 291 of those were attending the show for the first time as the industry and value of showcasing at ISE continues to grow.

“The show has been absolutely fantastic,” said Blackman. “We’ve had tremendous growth, growing around 10% over the last year. We’ve have a brand new hall (Hall 15) and 291 brand new exhibitors showing. That really is tremendous growth and says so much about the industry and the show. Attendee’s are up too. We already know that we’re going to be a little bit north of 80,000, up from 73,000 last year, so it’s been a success across the board, however you look at it.”