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ISE 2018: facts and figures breakdown

While the headline attendance and exhibitor numbers are now known, beneath that are a number of facts and figures about ISE 2018 that provide a more detailed picture of exactly who was at the show.

The attendance figure jumped up 10.2% to 80,923, which surprised even the most experienced observers, but another figure just as impressive in its own right was that of new attendees (22,393). Once exhibitor personnel (20,207) is subtracted, new attendees makes up 38% of total attendees (59,098).

The gender split has stayed the same with visitors still predominantly male (89%). In terms of age, 62% of visitors are between 31 and 50 years of age and a further 23% over 50. The byproduct of having most attendees over 30 years of age is that over half (53.9%) of attendees fall into the job categories of chairman, owner or partner; CEO, COO or president; and manager or department head.

The largest percentage of visitors (25.95%) were system integrators or installers, of which 21.93% were attending for the first time. Dealers or distributors accounted for 22%, while manufacturers accounted for close to 15%.

Further demographic details reveal ISE is seeing an annual increase in the number of end-users attending the show with that group making up over 10% in 2018, 14% of which were first time visitors.

The figures also reveal that 36,449 of the attendees were from Netherlands, Germany and the UK, around 45% of the 80,923 attendees. In addition, close to a quarter of Netherlands attendees were first-timers.