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Interview with Lars-Olof Janflod, Genelec

How do you see the ISE market faring in the EMEA region in 2010?

How do you see the ISE market faring in the EMEA region in 2010?

That’s a very difficult question. Some people think that Germany, which is widely seen as the powerhouse of Europe, will be hit by recession first in 2010. If that happens, it will very likely be bad for business throughout the European Union, I think. On a more positive note, though, it appears as if things are starting to move again in the Middle East.

What do you think will be the key external factors affecting the market this year?

From a manufacturer’s viewpoint, the new EU regulations on idling power consumption, EuP, will present a big hurdle – particularly, I think, for small companies that may have to redesign their products at considerable cost. In the long term it is, of course, a very good thing but one could hope for a bigger understanding from authorities on its implications for the many companies that provide employment.

[Editor’s note: The EuP Directive 2005/32/EC establishes a framework for the setting of eco-design requirements for energy-using products. It was recast in 2009 as the Eco-design Directive 2009/125/EC. It aims to improve the environmental performance of products throughout the life-cycle, by systematic integration of environmental aspects at a very early stage in the product design.]

Outside your company’s offering, what do you think will be the ‘star’ technologies of 2010?

3D has rapidly become the talk of the town in the broadcasting market and I assume will appear also in the AV market. In audio, as I see it, IP networking technologies are the hot topic.

What do you think is the best thing about the ISE show?

For me, the best thing about ISE is not only the number of visitors but also that the visitors are truly professional people. We have been doing the show since it started in Geneva and we are amazed by the fact that we still meet so many new faces.