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SDVoE Alliance adds new members, closing record year

SDVoE Alliance tallies growth in membership and professional certifications as the pro AV industry embraces AV-over-IP solutions

The SDVoE Alliance, a nonprofit consortium of technology providers collaborating to standardise the adoption of Ethernet to transport AV signals in professional AV environments, has announced growth in members and SDVoE Academy Certifications to tally a record-breaking year.

In 2022, the SDVoE Alliance welcomed 18 new members, including Datapath, QSC, Yamaha Corporation and many others. Together, the SDVoE Alliance’s members provide over 800 solutions designed to integrate seamlessly and flexibly to provide system integrators, designers, consultants, and installers with a reliable, sustainable solution. The SDVoE Alliance provides its members with the only off-the-shelf technology that offers a full-stack solution. The flexibility, availability and sustainability of SDVoE’s technology, which is powered by the BlueRiver ASIC, has enabled its members to navigate today’s supply chain disruptions. Today, more than 85% of SDVoE members can ship products within two weeks. Additionally, over 70% of SDVoE members have provided high-quality solutions without increasing prices over the last year.

“AV-over-IP is a fast-growing market. As system integrators, designers, consultants and other industry professionals continue to invest in AV-over-IP solutions, the SDVoE Alliance has welcomed new members to support the industry shift,” said Justin Kennington, president of SDVoE Alliance. “The simplified hardware architecture of SDVoE products helps to ensure that our members have access to the necessary components to deliver high-performance solutions to meet industry demands. Meanwhile, many of the industry’s most prominent manufacturers have failed to meet customer demands due to component shortages.

“Additionally, we continue to expand the SDVoE Academy to provide useful resources for industry professionals gathering knowledge and experience to further their businesses. The SDVoE Academy has delivered more than 120 courses in video technology, network basics, and system design, with many more courses on the horizon.”

The SDVoE Academy, a self-paced online course, has become a trusted resource for AV professionals gathering knowledge and experience to take advantage of the SDVoE Alliance’s technology. Since 2020, the SDVoE Academy has accredited over 1,400 professionals with Design Partner Certification. The SDVoE Academy offers two individual certification programs, SDVoE Design Partners and SDVoE Developers. In the Fall of 2022, the SDVoE Alliance introduced the SDVoE Certified Design House program, a qualification for professional AV companies. The SDVoE Certified Design House was established to recognise the many companies that have heavily invested in leadership, innovation and education surrounding sustainable, flexible AV-over-IP solutions to end users.