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Electrosonic relocates to new corporate HQ & production facility

Headquarters is a substantial improvement from Electrosonic’s previous HQ in Orlando, at more than 4.5-times the size at 34,000ft²

Electrosonic, the leading experiential technology company has relocated to a new corporate headquarters and production facility in Orlando, Florida.

“Since its founding, Electrosonic has been devoted to relentlessly advancing the support we provide to our customers,” said Electrosonic president and managing director Ewan Smith. “This new headquarters will bolster our ability to do just that and deliver quality-made solutions and systems to our customers here in Orlando, throughout Florida and the east coast as well as bolster our footprint throughout the US and abroad.”

The new facility is a substantial improvement on the company’s previous HQ in Orlando, at more than 4.5-times the size at 34,000ft². The new facilities will comprise of more than 11,000ft² of office space for the company’s ever-growing engineering and project management teams as well as a combined 21,500ft² of production and warehousing facilities. This will allow Electrosonic to build, test, mockup and store large systems closer to their customers in the region, lowering logistical costs and project timeframes.

Along with improved facilities to support customers and partners, the move to a more modern HQ was meant to nurture the planned growth Electrosonic has for its current team and future employees. With a capacity to support more than 150 employees, the new HQ’s design encourages employees to collaborate and socializse and with planned updates to the common areas and workspaces after launch Electrosonic aims to create an environment that fosters creativity and a sense of community.