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Integrator Pixel Projects’ million-dollar week in Dubai

The Dubai office had a million-dollar sales week last month - and hopes for more when the company opens for business on the Dubai mainland.

Pixel Projects’ Dubai office celebrated its first week of sales to total $1 million in late September. Pixel Projects FZ LLC, which began trading in April of this year, has been awarded several high-end AV contracts in a wide range of sectors: education, hospitality, government, banking and commercial.

The Dubai office is Pixel Projects’ Middle East & Africa headquarters and will be ultimately responsible for the company’s planned offices in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. The office is based offshore in the country’s Free Zone; however, with an onshore branch in Dubai currently underway, the office is projecting further $1 million weeks as the potential client base increases significantly.

The onshore office will be a branch of Pixel Projects Ltd, the company’s UK-based global HQ. The opening is believed to be unique in that Pixel Projects is the first group of British companies to become established onshore without requiring a local partner. This is due to a pioneering scheme from the British Centres for Business, an organisation which helps British companies enter the UAE market and accelerate the establishment of their brands in the Emirates.

Manu Mahdi, general manager of the Middle East & Africa region (pictured), who was instrumental in the prosperous week, said: “Pixel Projects is the only AV solutions company which can provide consistent AV solutions implementation in all of the Middle East and Africa countries. This is a big advantage for organisations with offices among the 80 countries in the MEA region. We have achieved the magic million-dollar week within just six months here in Dubai and look forward to embracing the challenges as we begin several high-value projects in the coming months. We are confident that Pixel Projects will be one of the most trusted and successful AV companies in the region within a very short span of time.”

Currently the company has fully operational offices in London, Dubai, New York, Moscow, Singapore, Rio and Lagos, with offices due to open soon in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, KSA, California, and Beijing, with Barcelona, Paris and Sydney planned later on.