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Integrated Systems Middle East Africa launched

The upgrade is supplied on a USB card and when inserted into any DXN will automatically uninstall the Samsung MagicNet software, install signagelive and present a registration page where the user can add their unique signagelive network code and site details. Once details are entered, the device will connect to the signagelive servers over the internet, confirm validity of the network code and availability of a licence, and then issue a unique signagelive serial number to the device. For larger projects this process is automated so that devices are pre-configured with a network code, meaning that the device attaches automatically to signagelive once it is connected to the internet.

Once successfully attached, the device will automatically update any preloaded playlists, media, log-files and signagelive software/codecs, and start running the required media.

Jason Cremins, CEO of Remote Media, told II: “The collaboration between the Samsung DXN series and signagelive web-based digital signage platform creates a true ‘all-in-one’ solution. We see great opportunities for pro AV and IT integrators to engage with digital signage in a way not possible before due to the requirement to establish dedicated network operations and software specialists associated with other digital signage solutions. As a ‘software as a service platform’, signagelive is infinitely scalable from a single corporate reception to 1,000s of devices across multiple sites in different countries. The incorporation of the latest IPTV streaming capabilities in conjunction with a comprehensive range of digital media support allows for a vast array of application uses from company welcome boards to staff communications with live video streaming and custom RSS feeds.”