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InstallFutures to take a multi-faceted look at industry evolution

Installation's inaugural InstallFutures conference is set to take a multi-faceted look at how the installed AV industry will evolve over the coming years – and how businesses should develop their strategies accordingly.

Installation’s inaugural InstallFutures conference, which takes place on 29 September – is set to take a multi-faceted look at how the installed AV industry will evolve over the coming years – and how businesses should develop their strategies accordingly. Some of the newest and most exciting technologies – such as drones and the Internet of Things – will be presented, but we will also dig a little deeper: to find out which sectors show the greatest potential, and how precisely these new technologies can be applied, the presenters – who included Kevin Kelly, president and COO of US integrator and drone specialist Stampede – will be quizzed by a panel of experienced integrators and consultants.

Sometimes, though, it’s one of the established technologies that win the day. When an industry is in a period of transition, it can be hard to get a clear picture of where all the different trends are leading. Which are the protocols, networking standards and transport mediums have real longevity, and which will eventually be superseded? This is a particularly pertinent question as AV and IT professionals become increasingly interdependent. A panel of industry experts – including Studer CTO Peter Glaetlli and leading audio consultant Roland Hemming – will debate this thorny question, and give their views about what the industry will look like in a few years’ time.

With the AV industry offering end users more different technologies than ever before, competition for AV and IT budgets is intense. In the conference Keynote, Colin Messenger, senior analyst at Futuresource Consulting, will will draw from a range of research findings to show how emerging technologies are likely to impact on various install markets.

We will also present feature panels where end-users and integrators will discuss what the next few years will be like for them. What will be the issues that will have a bearing on the way they work? What will their customers be demanding of them? What implications will that have, not only for the technologies that they supply, but the way in which they supply them?

No one knows all the answers, of course, but by exhorting opinions from the widest range of experts from across the industry, we stand a better chance of finding out. Why not add your voice to the debate? Come along to InstallFutures – sponsored by Biamp – on 29 September.

To find out more about InstallFutures, including sponsorship opportunitiestickets, which are currently available at the early bird price of £75, and session information, visit the InstallFutures conference website.