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New edition of Installation is available to read now!

With the education sector and potential pitfalls for the AV industry in focus –including blackouts and further supply issues – Installation editor Rob Lane outlines what the December edition has in store for you

In our last issue of 2022, in what has been an eventful 12 months for the world and for AV, we lead on the education sector, and how it has hit refresh with regard to tech following Covid. The rise in remote learning precipitated by the pandemic is certainly here to stay, but that’s by no means the only contributor to a notable surge of interest in the latest AV solutions. 

We also focus on new potential pitfalls for the AV industry, now that Covid, for the time being at least, is off the radar. Our 15-page ‘AV in Crisis?’ special boasts two features that hone in on supply issues – how new restrictions on the sales of semiconductors by US companies into China might herald a further wave of challenges across AV; and how existing disruptions to supplies are continuing to impact on the manufacture of audio kit – with a third feature looking at the possible return to 70s-style energy blackouts.

In addition, we ask some of our female Pro AV Watch List 2022 inductees for their thoughts on diversity in the AV industry – particularly with regard to women – and look at the live sound rental sector and how smaller firms are coping compared with larger corporate concerns. 

We’ve commentaries from VITEC’s Colin Farquhar, who looks at how next-gen video refresh strategies integrate IPTV into corporate IT networks; Nick Mourn of LEA Professional, with a deep-dive into security; and Lainie Mataras, director at Planar, and one of our Pro AV Watch List inductees, who addresses end users on why content is crucial for video walls. 

Plus, there are Q&As with DTEN’s Nia Celestin, who discusses the company’s recent announcement outlining its forthcoming Microsoft Teams certification; and this issue’s Inside Track pick, Martin Bodley, of Bose Work, on starting out in AV and walking on his hands! And don’t forget our Install Insights – the best of the latest installations – kicking off the issue – and the latest appointments.