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New Installation magazine available now!

Issue leads on the semi-conductor crisis & features a 22-page Corporate AV Special

The January / February edition of Installation has just dropped – and it’s a doozy! Jam-packed with features and commentaries, your bumper 64-page issue – the first of 2022 – leads on the semi-conductor crisis: Conquering Covid & Chips – why AV will prevail in 2022. The edition also features a 22-page Corporate AV Special section, which delves deep into the pandemic-fuelled tech and ethos revolution at the heart of business – how intelligent AV, analytics and sensor technologies are being embraced as Covid continues to bite.

Elsewhere, we check out the ongoing boom in residential AV – again fuelled by Covid and the new stay-at-home culture – and also look into the tech behind assistive hearing solutions. You can jump straight to the issue below, or wait until the print edition hits your doormat, assuming you subscribe (for free!). And please note, if you prefer to read our articles and commentaries off-page rather than within the magazine designs, hyperlinks to online versions are available – well worth a look regardless, as some are extended versions!