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Latest Installation points to a bright future for visitor attractions

New issue is a visitor attractions special and includes features on the future of theme parks, public experiential installations and museums, plus an investigation into how Covid has impacted movie theatres and home cinema

This month’s visitor attractions special points to an optimistic next few months, with AV technology at the forefront of things. Covid casts a long shadow, of course – touchless tech is going to be key to public exhibitions such as museums (although, the science now tells us that surface-based initiatives are less important than air quality ones) – and with people seeking fun and excitement as we move into what we hope is the post-Covid era, theme parks and visitor attractions will be looking to spice things up with more AV-led immersiveness. Certainly, if the three installations featured in this issue are anything to go by, the public can look forward to a golden age of technology-led attractions as we move into 2022.

Elsewhere in this issue, we look at the effect Covid (and the knock-on popularity of the streaming giants) has had on cinemas, and how sound and vision technology can help to bring people back into movie theatres – as well as discussing how all of this affects home cinema; ask questions of some of
our Pro AV Watch List picks; round up some of the latest products; and enjoy commentaries from the likes of VITEC’s Colin Farquhar, AIMS’ Steve Reynolds and Matthew Koshy from Canon Europe.

The issue is available in full, below. For those that prefer to read off-page, links to web-based versions (often extended) are included at the end of each feature.