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IE to host digital signage session at IBC

“The business model for retail screen networks somehow got hijacked into an advertising-based model and the true flexibility of this medium has not been understood by the retailer,” he said. “It’s not about occupying space in store, it’s about leveraging the space effectively through an intimate understanding of shopping missions from EPOS analysis. This provides sharper thinking and imaginative solutions, such as dedicated promotional plans just for screens.”

Avanti is the only recognised full-service agency in the digital signage sector; Chambers has unparalleled experience and knowledge of the sector, having been involved in virtually every significant major UK retail, shopping mall, leisure and banking screen network rollout in the last eight years.

Chris Frampton, director and head of sales and marketing at digital signage provider Dynamax Technologies, will outline the essential differences and the key similarities between media and production and the digital signage out-of-home industry.

Frampton has long been involved in the development of digital signage and ‘non-broadcast’ content. He was a founding member of TV production powerhouse DCD Media plc, and has also held senior management positions at internet broadcaster MediaWave, Inmedia and Hughes Network Systems. “Whilst I do not subscribe to the ‘content is king’ statement, I do propose that bad content can be the coup de grace of a media sales campaign,” he said.

Also speaking will be Gavin Anderson from Baby TV, who has worked in digital signage for 12 years over a number of channels.

The session is part of a new digital signage initiative at IBC, where five exhibitors – Chyron, Future Software, Harris, Kinoton and Panasonic – will give their own zone around the Rai complex with about five displays in each zone. These displays will be fed data, video and information from their own standards to simulate remote site access.

The session will take place in Room O of the Rai at 11:30am on Saturday 8 September. It will conclude with a question-and-answer session, and will be followed by a networking cocktail event.