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Home entertainment luxury from See & Touch

'Creation' is a range of luxury home entertainment and control products from See & Touch Marbella, with everything from chairs to servers.

Exhibitor See & Touch Marbella is taking the opportunity provided by ISE to present Creation, which is described by the company as a new product line for home and yacht integration. Creation includes wall pads, cinema chairs, TV chairs, server and storage systems – and even sound-improving carpet and wallplates.

Creation Cinema and TV Chairs are designed, according to the company, to provide both comfort and luxury, enabling the viewer to concentrate on the entertainment. The chairs are custom made and available in high quality one- or two-tone leather. All chairs feature integrated electrically powered reclining and straightening, a foldable high back and an extendable footrest. See & Touch point out that narrow head supports are specifically designed to keep the user’s ears free, allowing audio from not only the front but from all around to be clearly heard.

Integrated within each chair, in either the left or the right armrest, is a joystick which provides all the options for lighting, volume control, access to the Creation Menu and control over the chair. Only the ‘boss’ chair has all these controls: ‘visitor’ chairs only have control over the chair itself. Like the Creation Wall Pads, the Creation Joy Sticks are designed with a thin ring of Swarovski crystals all around, available in four different colours to match the brushed aluminium surface.

See & Touch Marbella is a sister company of Bang & Olufsen Marbella.

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