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Hitachi and MA Lighting in counterfeit concerns

Warnings have been issued regarding unlawful copies of well-known products from Hitachi and MA Lighting, which have made their way in the European market.

Just Lamps, an international projector lamp distributor, has issued a warning to resellers after an influx of fake Hitachi projector lamps hit the European market. In addition, German-based lighting company MA Lighting has declared that Chinese manufacturer Fine Art’s Fine Tekmand III is a copy of the grandMA2 consol. Hitachi-branded models of projector lamp were initially found in the Asian markets over a year ago, but the lamps, which have ‘only minor flaws’ are now being sold across Europe. “With recent product shortages on some Hitachi lines, a number of distributors and agents have approached us claiming to have lamps in stock. We were suspicious as the shortages are global and the prices we were being offered seemed too cheap. We asked for samples and as suspected, these turned out to be fakes in Hitachi branded boxes,” commented Dave Bethell, CEO of Just Lamps. “The cages offer the main clues, but only if you know what to look for and you have the genuine product to compare against. Even the bulbs have been faked, despite having genuine looking markings,” finished Bethell. Elsewhere Nichia, an Asian LED developer and manufacturer, has filed an infringement lawsuit in Germany against Taiwanese LED manufacturer Everlight Electronics and its German subsidiary Everlight Electronics Europe. The dispute centres on a white LED manufactured by Everlight, which Nichia believes violates its YAG patent. Meanwhile Neutrik and Soundking have clashed over connector trademarks.