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Gräf & Meyer and LDA Audio Tech agree partnership for Europe

Germany’s Gräf & Meyer GmbH and Spanish brand LDA Audio Tech, two leaders in the EN54 certified public address and voice evacuation industry, have reached a partnership agreement for joint development in the European market.

Thanks to this partnership agreement, Gräf & Meyer GmbH will become effectively LDA Audio Tech office for Central Europe.

LDA Audio Tech products will be adapted to the needs of the Central European market and Gräf & Meyer will be the local representatives in Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland, providing direct support in local languages.

The Gräf & Meyer portfolio will be enriched with the products of LDA, which in turn will increase its brand presence in the German area of influence.

The agreement comes after several years of co-operation and joint work by both companies. In 2014, the first contacts were made and the different ways of collaboration in terms of products, areas of influence and joint distribution strategies began to be explored.

Throughout this process, technologies and know-how have been shared in terms of voice evacuation systems, and the foundations have been laid to develop joint business lines in Europe.

Looking ahead, LDA Audio Tech and Gräf & Meyer GmbH plan to expand the terms of their close partnership to enhance their strengths and offer their customers products increasingly adapted to their needs.