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Glasgow’s Conservatoire revamped with Midas PRO6

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow opted for a Midas PRO6 digital console to meet the theatre section's diverse range of audio requirements.

Glasgow’s Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has been fitted with a Midas PRO6 live audio system as part of a major refit to its main theatre.

The music, drama and dance school underwent installation of the PRO6 following a ‘rigorous evaluation of digital consoles’.

“We strive to be the best for teaching all aspects of theatre to our students,” said RCS technician Gerrie Victor. “We tried most of the digital consoles on the market, and after comparing them all, Midas was top of our list.”

Mainly located in the control room of the Conservatoire’s main theatre, the PRO6 digital console can also be moved to any of the five venues around the building, which range in capacity from 355 to 128.

“Because we are a school for music, drama, digital film and TV, ballet, technical production etc, we put on a vast amount of different shows, from rock ‘n’ roll to opera, and it doesn’t matter what you throw at it, the PRO6 can handle it,” continues Victor. “We use the PRO6 for anything from a production requiring one microphone and a CD player to a full musical theatre production to pantomime, Scottish music and jazz gigs or even a film screening that requires a surround sound system. Our I/O boxes are in flight cases, so we treat the PRO6 as a touring console. This gives students the opportunity to learn how to load in and out and start from scratch.”

The PRO6 is being used in tandem with the theatre’s new sound system that can run on 12 separate analogue sends.

“This is great for us, because now we can enhance the theatre experience by having sound effects coming from anywhere in the auditorium,” finished Victor.