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Fusion to make European debut at ISE

SpinetiX's Fusion digital signage software will get its EMEA debut at ISE.

Ahead of ISE, SpinetiX has announced that it is now shipping its Fusion content management software and HMP200 Hyper Media Player. 

“With Fusion and the HMP200, we are really rounding out our offering to the digital signage marketplace,” said Serge Konter, marketing manager, SpinetiX (pictured). “Both products have already been extremely well received at events outside Europe, and we are really looking forward to giving them their EMEA region debut at ISE 2011 in Amsterdam.”

Fusion is SpinetiX’s new digital signage software application designed to substantially simplify the implementation of small-scale signage projects. Now installed on every SpinetiX HMP Hyper Media Player, Fusion allows content to be managed via a web browser interface and can therefore be accessed either locally or remotely using a PC, Mac, Linux or iPad platform. Once connection to the Player has been achieved, content can be uploaded, edited and published with minimal technical skill and in record time.

“In the world of digital signage, small-scale and single-location rollouts are very different from one another,” said Serge Konter, marketing manager, SpinetiX. “Our objective with Fusion was to embed a digital signage application that works instantly and allows system setup to be completed by the installer or the end user, regardless of their technical expertise or skill level.”

The company’s latest media player, the HMP200, uses only 7 watts of power due to its solid state storage design. As well as decoding HD video, an HMP200 running Fusion can publish data, audio, and dynamic content from RSS feeds, widgets and instant messaging.