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Five tips on lighting up your conference room

Lighting expert WhiteLight gives AVTE readers its professional advice on ensuring companies provide an illuminating experience in the meeting room

Lighting expert WhiteLight gives AVTE readers its professional advice on how to provide an illuminating experience in the meeting room

The quality of lighting can be the difference between a memorable experience and one to forget. Whatever the environment, lighting plays a crucial role, be it an event, retail store, a public space (such as a museum), or inside a conference room.

WhiteLight, is one of the countries most experienced production and solution specialists, operating for more than 40 years across range of markets such as theatre, concert touring, broadcast, themed attractions, education, trade and numerous corporate events.

Speaking exclusively to AVTE, the firms’ conference account manager, Shrenik Singhavi shared his top five tips for AV technicians to consider and to avoid when creating a corporate conferencing environment.


Lighting is often used to create a particular mood or to emphasise a certain part of a space. For conferences in particular, the main focus is often on the stage or the lectern so ensure these are positioned in a place where the lighting is able to get the most out of them. Lighting should be considered as important an aspect as the seating layout as it plays an equally pivotal role.


When working in a historical space, this may include working alongside artefacts or exhibits. Wherever and whenever possible, ensure these become part of your event. Many people feel the immediate need to hide anything they feel isn’t immediately relevant to their conference. However, the use of uplighters and artefact lighting actually embraces their presence and allows them to become a part of the space.


Coverage is essential and often something that is overlooked. While it’s important to ensure the main parts of your space are lit, don’t forget the person sat in the very far left-hand corner. Ensure lighting covers every area of the room, ensuring that everyone within the space feels involved.


Remember external factors such as the weather and the time of day. Chances are the space you’ll be using will have some sort of window/opening that exposes the outside world. Unless taken into consideration, this can ruin your entire lighting set- up so needs to be taken into consideration during the preparation stages.


Use lighting to emphasis your company’s message. Whether it’s a selection of fixtures that reflect your company’s colours or custom-made gobos that literally project your company logo, lighting can be utilised to reinforce your company’s brand to anyone who enters that particular space.

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