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Fast Turnaround TV conference keynoted by ITV strategy director

The first ever Fast Turnaround TV conference will take place at the Soho Hotel on 13 March. It will provide insight and education into event production and the technology behind it, with a keynote from ITV's Andrew Ioannou and European case studies from broadcasters and sponsors.

TVBEurope has announced that its Fast Turnaround TV conference – 13 March, London’s Soho Hotel – will feature a keynote speech from ITV’s strategy director Andrew Inoannou. Detailed case studies will be presented by Mediaset Italy, Italy’s largest commercial broadcaster, and NRK Norway, the Guinness world record holder for broadcasting the longest-ever live television documentary. There will also be European case studies involving workflows from the conference’s sponsors, Dalet, Quantel and Song. Ioannou, director of strategy for technology, platforms and business delivery at ITV, will explore how live event-driven TV programming has become the cornerstone of a broadcaster’s schedule. With references to ITV’s 2011 The X Factor Final, to highlight the station’s way of adding value to television events using PC/TV convergence, social media, micropayment and mobile devices. Mediaset’s case study will explain how it adopted Dalet newsroom, production and playout tools in Milan for Studio Aperto, and created a news gathering hub for the 24/7 newschannel, which includes ten of Mediaset’s regional stations. Thomas Hellum will explain how NRK produced a live-on-TV five-day event from a moving vessel at sea. This production received 12 million Facebook views and 22 million impressions on Twitter, in addition to being streamed in 179 countries.