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ETC_s Victorian theatre

The affectionately titled Playhouse at Gypsy Corner is the brainchild of ETC’s CEO, Fred Foster, and follows on from the Town Square atrium at the company’s US headquarters, which provides an informal meeting place for staff and visitors that acknowledges the industry they work in — the theatre.

Using the theatrical technique whereby a scene painted on scrim is visible when lit from the front, yet becomes transparent when lit from behind, The Playhouse at Gypsy Corner uses expanded metal screen to portray the auditorium of a Victorian theatre, packed to capacity with an expectant audience. Lit with a rig of 70 ETC Source Four profiles and five ETC Revolution luminaires, the space is said to provides one of the best demonstration theatres anywhere.

Backstage, behind the red velvet house curtain, is the company’s training room (pictured), where staff, dealers and distributors are inducted in the workings of ETC’s products, both new and existing.