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ETC announces training

ETC has released dates of training sessions for the company's Congo, Eos, Ion and Element control desks.

Over the next two months, ETC will be running training sessions on the company’s Congo, Eos, Ion and Element control desks. The first Congo courses are scheduled for 20-21 October, while a second round of Congo classes and training on Element, Eos and Ion will be run throughout November and December at ETC’s training theatre – The Playhouse at Gypsy Corner in west London. The company says that only six or eight places are available for each course, with a maximum of two people per desk, so each student will get plenty of hands on use. All the courses are free and include lunch.

Outside the UK, ETC’s dealers and distributors all offer free training for users, with trained staff offering hands-on training at all levels. At the offices of Lights International in Greece, groups of four to five people were invited to a number of Eos training sessions and presentations over the course of three days.

“We had some really tough questions from users, which we were well prepared for; everyone went away happy,” said sales and marketing manager Stefanos Kotatis. “A survey carried out at the end of each session found 99% of delegates rating it excellent, with just 1% rating it only good.”

Training sessions are offered either on site or at ETC dealers’ offices, depending on the number of people being trained. For more information, and to book, ETC’s local dealer should be contacted.

For full details of the London courses and to book, ETC asks those interested to contact Kumiko Swash at [email protected] or phone 020 8896 1000, or visit where details of ETC’s online support provision – including support forums and YouTube tutorials – can also be found..