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Enhanced media server compatibility for VidaBox

US-based manufacturer Vidabox has improved media server compatibility with third-party streamers for budget-friendly players including Popcorn Hour, HDI Dune, TiVX and XBMC.

The US-based manufacturer VidaBox has announced enhanced media server compatibility with third-party streamers from Popcorn Hour, HDI Dune, TiVX, XBMC and other budget-friendly players.
 The development means that dealers and integrators can take advantage of VidaBox’s Drop-n-Rip technologies for Blu-ray, DVD and CD archiving, and combine them with these media streamers to offer a balance between low-cost and convenience.
 “Inexpensive streamers are becoming more and more popular, but lack a mechanism for importing disc-based content,” said VidaBox president Steven Cheung. “Our VidaBox servers’ and their one-step, Drop-n-Rip disc archiving feature solves this issue, and with newly added metadata support for third-party players, integrators can provide similar feature sets for their clients, and allow access to stored music and movies with the basic cover art and metadata. It becomes a very inexpensive alternative for projects where our world-class extenders may be cost-prohibitive.”
 “Network storage devices and media servers play an important role in this digital age,” added Scott Walters, project manager at Syabas Technology, manufacturer of the Popcorn Hour and PopBox media streamers. “Our network media players add value to any server setup by letting you stream content directly to your TV with simple and easy-to-use navigation. Pairing our devices with VidaBox’s Drop-n-Rip technology, users now have a complete solution for storing and accessing digital content easily and affordably.”