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Electrosonic partners with the University of Greenwich

Electrosonic and the University of Greenwich have partnered to create a collaboration in support of the university’s international business programme – Global Integrative Project II.

Global Integrative Project II is part of the university’s International Business Degree, designed to provide students an opportunity to work with an international business in devising solutions to real-world business challenges.

The partnership is part of Electrosonic’s continuing initiative to promote the next generation of business leaders with educational programmes, internships and apprenticeships.

“We’re very excited about our involvement in this programme and its outcome,” said Michael Harkness, Electrosonic’s chief people officer. “It’s been a great experience for us, a win-win situation beneficial to both parties. We’ve been able to give back to the students and pick up some really great ideas from these future business leaders.”

Michelle Smedley, Electrosonic’s head of people and culture, added: “This was a wonderful opportunity for Electrosonic. Not only did we get exposed to fresh new ideas, we also have a talent pipeline for our graduate programme.”

Electrosonic began discussions with the university last fall, and together they developed a programme where second year business students were provided with three business case studies, which the students researched with Electrosonic’s guidance. The students presented their findings and recommendations in April, and a judging panel selected one winner in each case study category.

Some 60 students participated forming 10 teams of varying sizes. Their real-world case studies concerned Brexit’s Impact on Electrosonic’s regional and global business; Global Service Expansion as Electrosonic grows and enters new markets; and Global Diversity hiring plans for Electrosonic worldwide.

The programme kicked off with a full day’s field trip to Electrosonic’s EMEA head office in Dartford where the students had first-hand access to department heads and managers who provided guidance on the case studies and valuable information about the world in which Electrosonic operates.

“Establishing connections with the students early on broke down walls and titles and dispelled any notion of this being an intimidating environment,” noted Harkness. “The students’ interaction with us spoke to their networking skills, and we were impressed with their final presentations, their due diligence and thought processes.”

Following the successful programme, Harkness says Electrosonic plans to build on its relationship with the University of Greenwich. “We’d also like to launch a similar programme in the US,” he stated.